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1 in 4 Canadians will be diagnosed with heart disease…

Thanks to you, the thousands of cardiac patients who come to the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute every year have access to a level of care that’s hard to find anywhere else.

That’s why we play a leading role in the cardiac wellbeing of over seven million Canadians across two-thirds of the country, including the northern territories.

Especially patients who have run out of options. They come to the Maz as a last resort – desperate to survive

Help us keep the beat alive by giving today.

Like Jolissa Doerksen…

… a young mother who contracted a deadly virus while preparing for a fun family camping trip. By the time she arrived at the Maz, Jolissa’s condition was “beyond critical” according to Dr. Gurmeet Singh, a cardiac intensivist who heads the life support program at the Maz. Dr. Singh’s team had no time to spare. Jolissa’s life was on the line but thanks to our community of committed donors, they had the most advanced technology and equipment to work with and were able to save her life.

Within two weeks, Jolissa was on the road to recovery. Within two years, she gave birth to her second beautiful baby girl.

Jolissa’s terrifying health scare was strictly by accident. That the Maz was able to save her life was anything but.

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I was out
of options.
The MAZ was
my only
hope left.

Through outstanding community support …

… no other group of people has played a greater role in elevating cardiac care in western Canada to where it is today than donors to the University Hospital Foundation. From the most sophisticated 3D imaging to state-of-the-art surgical suites and one of the best cardiovascular intensive care units in Canada, donors like you have had a hand in every step of the evolution of the Maz to the world stage of cardiac care.

You too can be a hero and help save thousands of lives by giving to the University Hospital Foundation today.

World-class cardiac care is only possible with support from people like you

Help us keep the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute at the forefront of cardiac care in these four areas:

Patient Care.

Enhanced community engagement so patients get the advanced care they need without leaving their homes and families.


3D Imaging of the heart. Restoring damaged lungs for transplantation. More innovation saves more lives.


Ongoing support gives our researchers the time and resources they need to pursue more breakthrough discoveries.


As one of Western Canada’s leading academic medical centres, our commitment to education sets us apart.

While we have 10 years of saving lives to celebrate, the need is still so great. We need your support to continue fighting heart disease for those we love.

Please give from the heart

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